Hyperterminal Arduino Project

this forum actually looked more focused towards this kind of problem, i posted in the FAQ forum too, just in case

I'm doing a high school project involving a telegraph using the Arduino, which has three buttons: a main button to register dots/dashes, a "space" button to move on to the next letter or create a space, and a "delete" button to delete mistakes.

Right now I'm trying to use Hyperterminal to get the output to go to other computers, as of kind of retro instant messaging, but apparently Hyperterminal only allows one call at a time...

I can get two computers to connect using the wireless network and there IPs/ports, and I can type things in one which will appear on the other in real time, etc...

And I can also get Hyperterminal to call the COM port to read the input from the Arduino,

but how can I get it so that, it will read the input from the Arduino, and output it onto the users screen while at the same time on the other computer's screen?

an example input would be like

dot dash dot X dot dot dot XU dot XUE

etc.... (the dots/dashes no way correspond to the actual letters, just using an example)