Hypothetical Idea for OLED Screens....

Before I begin i'd like to do a little experiment with you guys, look at the Arduio Forum logo top left of your computer screen, now specficially look at the very last Letter "M" of "Arduino Forum"

without moving your eyes a mm off of the letter M, do not move your eyes anywhere else at all now, while doing so, read what topic heading or some kind of text only a few inches away from the M in the Arduino Forum section, so why not apply this rule to screens?

Turn off all none used pixels outside of eye's processing capability, the eye wont notice it but if we had say up to what? 60 - 70% of the screen off? i'm sure battery life could be saved right? on potentially any phone with a front facing camera?

How does the LCD know what part of it you are looking at?

Also it's the backlight that consumes the majority of the power, IFAIK the actual pixels use bugger all.

So you'd have to segment the backlight and switch sections, that would be uber annoying.


LCD? (not the same thing as OLED)

OLED… is able to do this, and the front camera to track your eye.

LCD? (not the same thing as OLED)

Correct, I'll read more carefully next time :)


cjdelphi: LCD? (not the same thing as OLED)

OLED... is able to do this, and the front camera to track your eye.

OK, OLED. I have an OLED and it didn't come with a camera.

And even if it did, what if two people were looking at it?

How can you tell where someone is looking anyway but just getting an image of the face? I think most such systems have to bounce a beam off the eye. Also the viewer's field of view relative to the screen will change depending on how far away they are. IE from a distance the area being "concentrated" on could in fact be the entire screen.


Yeah But... On next Years Model...

It largely depends on how good the imaging sensor is ... but "hypothetically" all the OLED pixels that your eye can't view, the pixels could be turned off to save power...

But how much power it eats up processing the real time data, is another question...

How much power will it take to drive this camera, which detects where your eye is looking, to save lighting up a few pixels?