I am bewildered

Some time has passed since the announced resolution of the dispute between the principals at LLC and SRL. However, I still see confusion between the product lines discussed and offered by .cc and .org. Both sites offer quality product lines but they are different product lines and, in the smoke cloud left from the war, it is not possible to discern which products will have future availability and support.

This situation is absurd and bewildering.

The AVR-based products, UNO and its relatives, are still great for many applications. However, they have limited memory and are not the best for IoT work, e.g. an Internet stack.

I had moved to the DUE and then to the ZERO and I find that the ZERO with the WiFi101 Shield is excellent for development. Libraries such as the co-operative Scheduler are a big plus and I have used this lashup with Atmel Studio to exploit the EDBG chip that is part of these boards. A plus is that the little MKR1000 is ideal for deployment, even though it lacks the debugging capability.

The difficulties are that the WIFI101 Shield is no longer available for purchase and the Arduino software does not yet support single-step debugging. Other difficulties are that libraries are so rich in features yet run only on some products.

New chips are always being announced and some of them appear in products such as the OTTO which is not universally available. It seems that the chip companies are adding to the confusion by trying to get Arduino support for their stuff.

I'm looking for some leadership to sort this out. A roadmap would be appreciated. Is this not possible?