I am facing some errors while compiling code. Please help

This error please help

Please post your code and your error messages in code tags.

Did you mean "begin"?

Your post was MOVED to its current location as it is more suitable.

Please follow the advice given in the link below when posting code, in particular the section entitled 'Posting code and common code problems'

Use code tags (the </> icon above the compose window) to make it easier to read and copy for examination

Look at examples that come with the lcd library that you're using and take it from there.

[Mod edit phone number removed] is my whatsapp no please contact

I don't understand.
Why would I want to contact you, other than via the forum?

because whatsapp is way easy. i will share you a short video Please.......

I don't have any videos to share.
An app I don't want/have is not any easier than using the forum.

do you have facebook account?

Yes thank you.

I will share you a video to you of my software and hardware. Actullay i am very new to arduino

My FB account [Mod edit facebook details removed].

But that would be unfair for you, because I don't have any videos to share back.

Here is simply easier.

I wanted to upload my code but this forum gives me this message:

please come to FB

Just post your code in code tags.

Careful, you may have to bare with them :rofl:

where is code tags located in this page?

I don't do that stuff on a first date anymore.


We're an hour into this topic.
It's the icon that looks like this "</>"