I am looking for a motherboard with three PCI64bit slots at least

The title says it all, but I also need a motherboard able to accept a XEON and 4GB of ram at least.
Oh, I don't have any problem if the PCI is 3.3V or 5V, or @ 33MHz or @ 66Mhz, but I need 64bit!

I am open to suggestions. IBM? Fujutsu? DELL? Let me know.

Personally I'd go with ASUS or Gigabyte, but that's just me. As to where you're going to find a board with that many PCI slots I have no idea. Time to upgrade to PCI Express, dude.

You should wait a month before buying any XEON stuff. The Ryzen comes out March 2nd and I'd expect that Intel will respond by cutting prices.

Supermicro Server X6DAE-G, 2x Intel Xeon @ 3.0ghz.

This would be ok, not excellent but ok. See, it comes with three PCI64 slots, one PCI32 slot, and two XEON CPUs. It also has two PCIe slots, and it accept Ram up to 8GB (ECC version).

(yep, it comes from ebay, unfortunately one of the three PCI64 is damaged)

what do you think about AMD Athlon II X4 620?