I am looking for a silicon LED button (Please Help!)


I am looking for a nice feeling silicone LED button that can be tapped in order for the button to be pressed. I am creating a DIY DJ mixer board and I would like to be able to tap this button to the beat of music. I cannot seem to find what I am looking for anywhere! The image below is the closest that I have found, the only problem is that I only need one button! not 16...

Please help.


These switches are individually mounted on a printed circuit board. Are you designing a printed circuit board? If not, then are you looking for a panel mounted switch? If the latter, Google search for "illuminated momentary push button switch". Then look at all the images available to see if any fit your requirements.


Hi Paul, thank you for the response. The suggestion you referred to is nearly perfect to what I need. I do wish however that I would be able to find an LED momentary push button switch that was made from silicone (the part you press that is). I'm sure I can figure something out though. Thanks again.