I am not able to fetch the data from the RS485 communication protocol

I am using this library for RS485 Communication. " GitHub - smarmengol/Modbus-Master-Slave-for-Arduino: Modbus Master-Slave library for Arduino " I am able to communicate with the RS485 3rd party software ( RS485 simulator ) but I am not able to fetch the data using Arduino Uno board please do respond as soon as possible if you find any solutions

I don't know anything about Modbus and it may help you if you mention Modbus in your Title. You can change the Title when edit your Original Post.


shivalingaraju, you give so little details in only three lines of text that we must make a guess and provide you with a solution.

Please explain exactly what you have, what you are trying to do and what results you are presently getting.

Don't just say 3rd party software, detail it by letting us know exactly what software.

Give links to any hardware, such as RS-485 converters, diagrams of how you have things connected and code (in code tags) that you presently have.

Do this and more people may be inclined to offer assistance to you.

Paul - VK7KPA