I am not able to load images from SD card in TFT 7'' Touchscreen

Hi all,
I've purchased a TFT 7'' Toucscreen from ebay with a shield from elecfreaks (TFT LCD MEGA SHIELD V2.2). I've been testing the TFT and all works fine except the SD Module. I'm not able to load any image from the SD card. It seems the program stucks at the instruction:
Because if I remove the SD card the program passes from this point and continues with the next instructions, but without loading any images, of course.
Has anybody the same problem, or anybody knows what would be happening there?? How could I resolve this problem?

Thanks in advance.

I guess my first question would be how is the SD card formated (FAT, or FAT32) ?
I'm not an IT person but it seem that is somehow related.

Hi raschemmel,

The SD is formatted in FAT16, I've tried to read it with the example provided "CardInfo" and the SD is readed, even inserted in the TFT screen. But when I try to read the image files stored in, I am not able to load it in the screen, the program says..File not found.

The SD is a 1Gb SanDisk.

Do you know what file types the SD card can read ? Is it supposed to be able to read any filetype ?
I have no experience with TFT. The only SD card reader I have for my Arduino is one I use for datalog text files
so I don't know what the requirements or spec is for image files for a TFT. I was just trying to cover the
basics. Does the SD card read any other file types ? I'm not sure I follow your description of what is
happening . I don't see you using the word "compile" so I don't know what you mean by "the program
passes to next instruction. You're not single stepping so what are you saying ? Is there some kind of
on screen dialog or messages ? What is this file.init() ? What do you mean "stucks" ?
Is it compiling or not ?

Hello, thanks for your fast reply. I' ve resolved the problem. The last time I was loading an image that did not exist in the SD, he file type for images it must be .raw, and the SD card must be not greater than 2Gb to work properly with the library.
Thanks a lot raschemmel.
Now I'd like to make it work with another Shields i have, but this is another question :).

Thank you!!