I am selling Wiznet W5100/W5200/W5300/W5500 parser sketch

Hello there, i am selling parser sketch for Ethernet modules/shield with Wiznet W5100/W5200/W5300/W5500 chip.
It is usable for instance for:

  • Read .txt file and parse it's variable
  • Read .html page and parse row (or variable in additional edit of string)

Sketch is working well and it is fast. It just need about 5ms for parse full header and then variable from it.
I am using libraries Ethernet.h/Ethernet2.h/Ethernet3.h (Ethernets libraries 2,3 are "copy" to Ethernet.h with W5200-W5500 chip shields)
Where i can use parsed string?

  • IoT house
  • Voice control with speech-to-text commands
  • Relay control
  • Send e-mail on demand and a lot others....

If you are interested: martinius96@gmail.com