I can alter pin state with direct pin control but arduino digitalwrite cannot?

Hey guys, I built my own version of Sparkfun’s Pro Micro 3.3V. It’s basically a leonardo but 3.3V and only 8 MHz. Unlike the stock leonardo, Sparkfun’s design does not offer pinouts for D11,12, and 13. So I decided to wire these internally to my design to run a serial device with software serial. Using the 3.3V sparkfun bootloader, when I tried to use these pins in the arduino IDE with digitalwrite(), they did not respond. Then, I tried to set the pins using direct pin control… and they responded! Problem is, I’m not sure what the likely issue is here. Is this a pins_arduino.h problem (I’ve tried both the normal leonardo and the sparkfun pro micro ones)? Is this some sort of other weirdness? I’m just not sure where to start here. I have very little experience with the lower level atmel programming. Thanks!

Probably pins-arduino.h. Check to see if there entries for the ports in question. There are 3 arrays the ports, bits, and timer status need to be added to. Also the total count of digital pins, pcint mapping, possible adjustment for analog pin mapping to digital pins, etc.