I can no longer connect to my Arduino BT


I think something is really wrong with my arduino-board now. It has worked perfectly for a while now, but suddenly it was not possible to fully connect it to my computer. When I turn on the power for the board, the green light turns on. I can now pair the board to my computer with the code 12345.

When this is done, the ARDUINOBT are popping up in the list of the computer's bluetooth units. Under the hardware tab, it's written: Standard Serial over bluetooth link (com5). The device status is "this unit is working properly".

But I can't get the COM5 to show up under tools->serial boards. The only new COM-port showing up is COM7, but this one does not work. I have allways selected COM5 and it's working properly.

What can be wrong? Does this sounds like a computer problem or an arduino problem? How can I find out where the problem is, and fix it?

Thanks for the support!

Edit: to find my board before pairing, I has to press the reset-button on the arduino or turn off/on the power supply. If I don't do this, I can't find the board at all. And if I waits say 1 minute after I press the reset button before I try pairing, I can't find it. So, it looks like the board are just exiting the communication before it's fully up and running.