I can’t seem to install zipped or manually.

I am working on my very first project but have run in to a problem.
The code requires these library’s but I can’t seem to install zipped or manually. They don’t meet the naming standard.

Downloaded file names.


Code include

#include <SPI.h> // include SPI library
#include <Adafruit_GFX.h> // include adafruit graphics library
#include <Adafruit_PCD8544.h> // include adafruit PCD8544 (Nokia 5110) library
#include <Adafruit_BME280.h> // include adafruit library for BME280 sensor

I am on linux mint using Arduino software 2:1.0+dfsg2-4.

This is the project, a weather station.

Any help much appreciated.


When you install the Arduino IDE via apt-get, you end up with an extremely outdated version of the IDE. That library naming restriction was removed years ago. Please always install the latest version of the official Arduino IDE downloaded from:

In case you're curious why the package manager version is so outdated:

Hi pert

Thanks very much. You were correct I updated the IDE and it uploaded the libraries no problem.


The current IDE also has "Sketch->Include Library->Manage Libraries...". This is generally the best first place to look for libraries. It will allow you to download and install a library with a single click. Use the "Filter" box to specify a keyword when trying to locate a specific library or a library for a specific device. The Library Manager keeps track of the version of each library you install and will occasionally let you know that there are updates for a library you installed.