I cannot configure sending commands to WatchPower. From ESP32 to Axioma MPPT Inv

Hello, I need to configure the connection between ESP32 and Axioma Energy MPPT Inverter. To do this, I found a library on the network from the author of WatchPower (github.com/MHassanNadeem/WatchPower). I downloaded, installed, used an example from his documentation, everything seems to work. But when, when sending a command to change “Output Source Priority”, then when submitting the first commands POP00 and POP01, everything goes fine, but if you need to send POP02, then the number two at the end disappears and only POP0 reaches the investor, for example: POP0: 32e2: N.

I looked at the rest of the teams, they have no problems with the number 2, everything goes as it should. Then I went to dig in the code, found a piece of code:

sprintf (command, "POP%02u", prio);

If you change it to:

sprintf (command, "POP0%02u", prio);

That number 2 is displayed correctly in the command. But I need an extra 0 well, and without it the number 2 is not displayed. What could be connected with?

#include "WatchPower.h"

// Attach Serial1 to WatchPower
WatchPower watchPower(Serial1);

void setup(){


void loop(){