I cannot connect to IoT cloud to device (Arduino nano IoT)

Hi guys,
I am using a Nano IoT and want to connect it with the Arduino IoT cloud. It recognizes my device but never moves on from step 1(uploading sketch) and after a few minutes it says that the configuration did not work. What could I do?

I am also facing the same issue. Sometimes it goes through steps 1 and 2 but gets stuck on step 3 and then after a minute or two it again goes back to the “name your device” window without throwing any error. Please guide.

I am facing the same problem here, are there some ports we have to allow in the firewall or something like that?

port 8883 I think this is the specific port that should be opened to comunnicate with the cloud and even necesary to the arduino create agent normal operation.
i’ve read, that this is verified by the coulour of the agent icon @ windows icon bar (lower right corner normaly) , it should be green / blue but not gray

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