I cannot install Magdwick library

It didn't appear on the libraries list. Platform OS X, latest Arduino IDE (1.6.7). What's the problem?

Please install lib. Check this instruction #4 "Install the Madgwick library from Arduino IDE's library manager. To do this, open the Arduino IDE, go to "Sketch -> Include Library -> Manage Libraries". There you can search 'Madgwick' and install the library directly from there."

I have the same problem - Madgwick library is not on the Library list when I serach. Is the Madgwick library needed for Arduino 101 the same as this one which I can download: GitHub - arduino-libraries/MadgwickAHRS: Arduino implementation of the MadgwickAHRS algorithm? Thanks,

please give a spin to the hourly build of the IDE.
The library manager refreshing issue was solved after 1.6.7 and will be published in 1.6.8
Anyway, the link you pasted is correct, so you can also obtain the lib in that way