I can't add "Director&Arduino" to wiki

Hi! I want to add something about “Director&Arduino” to wiki ,but it need username and password, and I can’t find the “register” , can anyone help me ?

I see the “Arduino + Director” , the post there need a “SerialXtra” ,but it not free(it cost $75), I know a free way to use Director communicate with Arduino, that is use “ActiveX” , there is “MSComm” free for all windows users, I have a post about it in my blog: http://eiart.net/blog/archive/232 but it is in chinese , I want to add a english one to the Arduino playground, but I can’t edit it.

hey fallen

thanks for wanting to contribute! :smiley:

you can subscribe under
you can find it in the
right menu > PARTICIPATE > request contributor access

can you see it?
it’s a pity if people can’t contribute because they can’t find registration form…
what do you think of the name? is “request contributor access” a bit strange?would you have understood it better if it was called “request login” or “register” or “get username and password”?

the feedback and help on this from all the community is importat to do a better job.

now for your contribution:
look under the “interfacing” menu
there is already a section about Arduino + Director
You can add all your contributions there

thanks again for contributing
and please don’t hesitate to ask again if you have more problems
you can write to me at b@progetto25zero1.com

Thank you beltran!

I have add the way I use to the wiki , Sorry about my English , I hope I can explain it clarity, if you have any difficulty , you can leave a responses in my blog :http://eiart.net/blog/archive/232

And I hope someone speak English well can help me to fix some English syntax in the wiki , thank you!

thank you fallen,
I’ve read through your example …
and fixed a couple of minor grammar problems

thanks a lot for contributing!
we are always looking for cheap, open source, indipendent ways of doing things!

thank you again

Thank you beltran!

It looks better now!

I always want to contribute something what I can do for Arduino , because Arduino give me much happy time and the people here are very friendly , but I am not good at AVR and JAVA, so can’t do the useful thing , only share some experience about using Arduino.

it’s already great fallen! :slight_smile:
thank you very much for your cool work!