I can't download the app to install the code

so when I try to open the code it asks for which program to open it in and I keep trying to download it with no luck.

I was trying and when I just connected the USB the red LED actually started blinking without the program. Does that make sense?

Am I missing something?


What code? what app? What OS?

The IDE can be downloaded from https://www.arduino.cc/en/software
For Windows, the normal version (first link) is a better bet than the "Windows App" version from the microsoft store (microsoft store is generally not a great bet if you want software that is both reliable and full featured)

To OP, please explain in a lot more detail :confused:

Which board?

And FYI, Arduinos come usually with the blink sketch installed; that's more than likely the blinking that you see (if it's the L led).

You can install the Arduino IDE from this link. The official Arduino boards come with a preloaded Blink sketch and the Led on the Arduino board shows the blinking behaviour after powering it.