I can't find a USB driver that works Arduino usb2serial ?!?! WinXP

Ethernet PRO (sparkfun) with Arduino USB2Serial.

I tried everything and can't find any driver that Windows XP will accept with this setup.(see picture)

Iam I doing it wrong?

Please help

the driver that comes with the SDK doesn't work?

Try use compatibility mode or install as admin or older version... I have vista and drivers from arduino page works well.

SDK? Iam using drivers from arduino 0022 (latest)

I even tried to use the latest drivers from : http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm

Windows XP don't think any of them are correct.

I can easy get the Arduino UNO to work with drivers but not the Eathernet PRO + USB2SERIAL as (picture show)

USB Serial doesn't have a FTDI chip. It has the same 8u2 chip than the Arduino UNO, so driver is an .inf file.


The Usb2serial uses the same part found in the Arduino Uno but with a different USB product ID.

The driver is where it's supposed to be :) On the Usb2Serial page on the website http://arduino.cc/en/Main/USBSerial

go to the end of the page and download the zip file. there is 1 inf file that will work with your module


Thanks alot, that worked for me!

Please include that in the normal arduino driver pakage to make it more easy for others to find the correct driver.