I can't find my registration code in my Arduino Starter Kit

I just an Arduino Starter Kit as a gift ordered through Amazon, but I cannot find the registration code for the kit anywhere. Is there a specific location where I am not looking?

The doc states (if you have an official kit)


It sounds to me like he's looking for a more specific instruction of where in the kit it is supposed to be, because he has not been able to locate it? Is it on a card, on the circuit board,on the inside of the box, on a piece of folded up paper that looks like the typical junk that is included in almost every package?


The only papers that came in my kit were a sticker sheet and a little warranty booklet so it cant be on a paper.

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The Arduino Starter Kit doesn't have to be registered. All the contents for the Starter kit are included in the Project book that comes inside the kit.

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at https://classroom.arduino.cc/registration it says that you can add courses, but when I click on it, it is asking for an activation code.

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@jojo, maybe support has an idea: https://www.arduino.cc/en/contact-us/

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oops, wrong user, should have been @gangsta_gaming

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Ok, I entered a request. Let's wait and see what they say.

Hi, I understand why the confusion but the product registration or My course section is for kits with contents available online. In the case of the Starter kit, all the required contents and information are available in the Project Book provided along with the kit.

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Oh, ok. Thank you so much!

I have purchased a starter kit, created an account for me and my kid (their account is linked to mine as junior one)

Now if we try to open a web editor - from my account it opens fine, but from my child - it leads to the classroom where it requires the activation code.

Does it mean the web editor is not available to junior accounts?

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