I can't find the name of my ic?


I bought ADS8320 ADC and INA225 current monitor. Their package types are pretty same. At the top of ic's it writes A2069Y7 and B328A8K. Which one is ADC , which one is current monitor?


Look at the other sides of the ICs if there are any inscriptions as to the type numbers of the chips. If needed, use magnifying glass and light source.

INA225 Package (Fig-1) with type number clearly marked on top.

ADS8320 Package (Fig-2) with type number partially marked on top

I looked with a magnifying glass and a light but I didn't found any part number.

Not in my model I guess. :slight_smile:

The part with starting A20 should be my ADC right?
Also here is an image of my ic's.

The IC that is starting with B32 should be the current monitor.

Thanks for your help.

I also think that this the ADC.

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