I can't get my servos to do something new

Hello, I am very new with Arduino. I'm building a very simple robot hand for my science fair project and I'm using servo motors. I uploaded "knob" to my UNO board and it works very well but now I want to try a different movement but whenever I give my board power, it just does the knob thing over and over again. I need to plug it in to upload the new program but whenever I plug it in it just does the old movement again. Then it says that it has a problem uploading to the board. Any tips would be appreciated.

The old program will continue to run until you load a new one in. If it is distracting you just unplug the servo.

But it doesn't "say it has a problem", it tells you exactly what errors it had. So please post the complete error listing that you get when trying to upload the new program. It's probably also worth posting the program that you're trying to load.


Do you have anything connected to pins 0, 1, or reset? Disconnect if so if the servo is moving while you're trying to upload, disconnect that too, running a servo off USB power is pushing it.