I can't get no Satisfaction: Quick Student Questionnaire!

Hi there,

I am working on a Engineering Design project using Arduino and I have few questions I would like you to answer. Fill free to jump questions, and only fill the ones you think are more appropriate.

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Many thanks!

Just some general questions:

What is the (your) goal of the questionaire? Why not just asking the questions on the forum to get an open discussion? ==> would give more interaction and therefore more info for you

Are you going to post the final results?

Survey problems:

Lack of some null and default options.

Feedback phase missing.

How would you define Arduino? [u]Try to explain to your grandma![/u]

The English language is an especially rich and diverse language. There is a noun for nearly any and every conceivable thing. Occasionally multiple nouns are available delineating very subtle differences.

Instead of taking advantage of our wonderful language you instead followed the lazy man's path and used a cliché. A cliché I find particularly offensive. You have until tomorrow morning to adjust your questionnaire or I will remove your post (this thread). I suggest replacing the quote above with something using the word "neophyte".