I can't get values from LDR sensore. Why

I set the circuit correctly (I am 100% sure it is correct). I wrote and upload the codes in arduino like in the picture. But, the values seems wrong I think the velues should be like 624, 320,798 ect. How can I solve this problem

Did you notice that you have in setup() the serial output set to 9600 BUT the monitor is expecting 19200?

9600 is NOT equal to 19200. Did you try to make those 2 values the same?

As a note, pictures of code is not, normally, very helpful. Instead, post your well formatted code in code tags, next time.

Thank you so much the problem was solved when I change them both to 9600

The code actually used 96kbaud, not 9.6kbaud :slight_smile:

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