I can't ID the screw on my servo back case

I need a longer version of the screw on the back of my servo but I can't figure out whether it's metric inch or anything else.

Its one of those 4 screws that keeps the back case on and holds the servo together. The threads appear to be fewer. I'd say 30 threads per inch, and a diameter around 1/16in.

Here is an image of the screw.

The guy at the hardware store couldn't figure it out either.

You can look for servos that are larger that would have longer screws. I have seen servos that have longer bodies.

I decided to just use machine screws since they seem to screw in anyway. The screws I believe are called sheet metal screws.

Ace Hardwares usually have a screw gauge hanging in the hardware department. Just take your screw ina nd check it.

I doubt you will find servo size screws at any general purpose hardware store. You might find some threaded rod at a hobby shop and cut to length and put nuts on the end. The reason you need longer screws might open alternative ideas.