I cant install andruino

Hi peope.
I want to know ho to install the adruino hardware I tried anything I found on the web and I cant figure it out how to install it.
Any help is appretiated.

Install hardware?

There is no hardware to install.

My computer is not recognise it.I dont know why and I can not set the ports on the program even if I got the board pluged in.

When I mean hardware I mean the driver software of this hardware.

Ahh, let me guess, bought in China?

Then here you go:

Chinese board, Chinese driver :slight_smile:

Its actual an arduino uno and I bought it on ebay .Anyway I figure it out what was some.Just some issues with USB ports of my computer it was not connected properly.Now I intalled it and I runed a simple program on it with arduino software.Thanks for your replies I appretiate it.Now I need to do some experiements to learn ho to use it. :slight_smile:

An Uno bought op eBay is raaaaaaaaaarly real Arduino :wink: Not really a problem, clones are allowed and fine as well. But if you do buy a clone it would be nice if you donated $5,- or so to keep the project running :slight_smile: