I can't install my arduinos on Windows Vista and XP

Hi, For the last week i tried to install my boards arduino UNO R3 and Mega 2560 on Windows Vista and Windows XP, both at 32 Mhz, but without success. Hard work for reinstall, restart, looking for sulutions and trying in many ways to find the way to install those devices.

Finally, I “almost” get to install my arduino uno on Vista, but it still doesn’t works. I followed the steps of installation, trying other ways, change the usb cable, change the communications port, and many more without results, so you are my last hope. Please, might someone help me to find a solution? I will be very grateful.

At this momment, on “device manager” appear “Arduino Uno R3(Port3)” into Ports(Com and LPT), but with a warning icon. When i run Arduino IDE and try to upload some file, it returns an error code: “avrdude stk500_getsync() not in sync resp=0x30”. The board seems to be ok with the blink program preloaded, the green light (power on), and blink the led on the pin 13. I attach some pics about this stuff (are in spanish, my opperate system, but i hope you help). Apologize for my english, i appreciate your patience. Thanks in advance!

Screenshot - 01_10_2014 , 12_56_20.jpg

Screenshot - 01_10_2014 , 12_58_17.jpg