I can't read nrfl01 data send from another nrfl01

This is how i connected the nrf to arduinos

V+ - 3.3v
CSN - 8
CE - 7
MOSI - 51
MISC - 50
SCK - 52

Pro Mini
V+ - 3.3v
CSN - 8
CE - 7
MOSI - 11
MISC - 12
SCK - 13

These are the codes
Processing: Transmitter.ino...
Processing: reciever.ino...

Please support me soon

The 3.3v pin actually supplies ~2.9v. Use a voltage regulator and the 5v pin.

Do tell.

I measured about that voltage on mine, OP's might be different.

Either way, it's usually not enough.

It's important to mention that the voltage depends on the load that is connected. There is nothing wrong with the regulator on either of those boards, under rated load they provide close to the 3.3V that they are labelled as.

Please don't beg here.

Maybe it's different on Megas/Pro Minis.

On Unos and Nanos, the 3.3v pin is very weak.

@dineth2008 What kind of nRF are you using? (PA+LNA, normal, full SMD, etc.)

It's weakest on the official Nano, because it's essentially a reference voltage from the serial interface chip. It's true, most boards can't supply enough power for the NRF. So the voltage drops too much under load.

But let's not have people believe that the 3.3V pin doesn't put out 3.3V. It does.

Cannot upload code to pro mini using ttl converter what to do

Double check everything. :slight_smile:


Then share everything with us.

I uploaded the code in nrf library

That's hardly "everything"...

I tried to upload using ttl converter and using arduino mega both

You have a limit of replies as a new user, for the first 24 hours. Don't use them up with one sentence answers. Provide the complete information, enough that someone that can't see any part of what you are doing, could understand competely.

Did you disconnect the NRF? We told you you can't connect it that way... try uploading without it.

The nrf is working fine with arduino mega its not working with pro mini for more easy please if you have whatsapp give me it

Wow, you completely ignored my advice. Goodbye, and good luck!

Please tell the advice again i didnt understand it

Provide complete information about the connections between the mini and the TTL converter. Diagrams, pictures... also, do you not understand what a "one sentence answer" is? I asked you not to do that!

I would assume, if you won't cooperate here, you probably wouldn't cooperate on whatsapp either...