I can't upload code to my arduino uno on Windows 7

Hello folks,

I am trying install arduino 1.8.3 on windows 7. I can choose the arduino board, through menu Tools->Boards->arduino uno. But I can’t access menu Tools->Serial Port.

I checked the menu “Device Manager” on Control Panel->System and Security->System. Two option, referent “Another devices” hasn’t drivers, as you can see on this print screen attachment.

I was googled about this problem and I found articles talk about drivers to windows 7 but I can’t found any drivers to install and solve my problem.

This situation don’t allow upload the code to arduino uno. Attach the code where you can see the message error when I try upload the basic example blink code.

  This report would have more information with
  "Show verbose output during compilation"
  enabled in File > Preferences.
Arduino: 1.0.6 (Windows 7), Board: "Arduino Uno"
Binary sketch size: 1.082 bytes (of a 32.256 byte maximum)

processing.app.SerialNotFoundException: Serial port 'COM1' not found. Did you select the right one from the Tools > Serial Port menu?

	at processing.app.Serial.<init>(Serial.java:191)

	at processing.app.Serial.<init>(Serial.java:77)

	at processing.app.debug.Uploader.flushSerialBuffer(Uploader.java:77)

	at processing.app.debug.AvrdudeUploader.uploadViaBootloader(AvrdudeUploader.java:175)

	at processing.app.debug.AvrdudeUploader.uploadUsingPreferences(AvrdudeUploader.java:67)

	at processing.app.Sketch.upload(Sketch.java:1666)

	at processing.app.Sketch.exportApplet(Sketch.java:1622)

	at processing.app.Sketch.exportApplet(Sketch.java:1594)

	at processing.app.Editor$DefaultExportHandler.run(Editor.java:2382)

	at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:619)


edecode: I am trying install arduino 1.8.3 on windows 7.

edecode: Arduino: 1.0.6 (Windows 7), Board: "Arduino Uno"

Why does it say 1.0.6 if you installed 1.8.3?

In order to tell you which driver you need to install we would need to know what USB-serial chip is on your Arduino board. You either need to tell us which chip or you need to post a link to where you bought the board.

If it's an FTDI FT232RL or an ATmega16U2(or similar), as used on the authentic Arduino boards, then the drivers are located in the the drivers folder under your Arduino IDE installation folder. If it's a CH340, the most common chip on the Arduino clones and derivatives, then the driver is at http://www.wch.cn/download/CH341SER_EXE.html.