I can't upload my arduino program

I have this arduino adk board and it drives me crazy!!!, and I have problem uploading any program to it. there is no error message it just stuck while uploading.
Note: sometimes I succeed uploading my program and most of the times not.
My arduino board works great with my friend's PC.
Please can you help me, I start thinking that the hole problem is my PC, I'm using a HP dv5 with windows 7 32bit.
Thanks in advance.

up! any suggestion will be helpful for me

And what does your friend use on his PC?

Maybe you have stuff running that makes your machine sluggish. Virus scanners like to do that, or other preloaded crap. And if you test if that is the case, please do it offline. I don't want to be responsible for what could happen.

He is using the same OS as mine and his PC is HP DV6.
I think you are right about something,I do have a lot of crab in my PC. I'll try delete some