I can't upload Nextion library


I can upload my sketch to web creator beacuse I'm using Nextion library and it's not possible to upload it to custom librarys. The problem is the size of library and the web creator has a limit the size to upload to 1 Mb and the library is bigger than 1 Mb.

So, how can I upload this library?

Thanks in advance,

Yes its over 12 mb.

The web IDE is a "work in progress" so you might want to open an issue on the GitHub site for it.

BTW this is not the FULL github repo as that is still private apparently.

Hi, are you sure that you can't slim the library down? If there are pdf files inside it you can safely remove them, they exists only for documentation.

Matt is correct.

If you remove the examples and the docs it goes under 70k. You can always load the examples as your sketches.

Thanks Matt