I can't upload program to Arduino


I’ve arduino Pro mini 328P. Programmator AVRISPmkII.
I’ve configured my software using this tutorial: http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=118089.0.
All it seems to be ok, but when I try to upload program to my device, progress bar is stopping as you can see on the picture.
I press the shift button when I try to upload.

Can I please for some help ?

Hello, I'm new on this forum, so I would like to apologize for my question. But does anyone of you guys have a solution for this problem? I've got the same problem: Pro mini 328P and AVR ISP mkII. Thank you very much for all answers and any ideas in advance !!

Best regards, panczi

If you want help, show us the error message after failed upload , and change console language to english.

There are’t errors, because I click uploading using programmer.
In compilator doing following things:
Compiling skech, then Uploading…
and then progres bar is stopping in about 90%.

Here is the same screen in english editor:

OK, I've upload all program, but by using usbASP. And it work correctly. But problem which I've wrote above with avrispII still occuring. I think that it can be problem with configuration in boards.txt or somthing else, but I don't know what should be exactly write down there.

You better install avrdude and use manual commands on the console. It has helped me many times when things didnt work on IDE arduino.