i can't upload sketch on my uno r3 board mega328p (Solved)

i can’t upload sketch on my uno r3 board mega328p
I update the IDE (new installed)
I update the arduino AVR boards

As you can see in attachment, the IDE everytime want to use port 3 usb connection.
but the uno is connected on port1.

By device manager, i can’t find the ports connections, (when i plug in the uno in the usb connection, the ports doesn 't appear)

How can I modify in the IDE port3 into port1?


The port selection is "Greyed Out"

That indicates a few possible issues.

If its a clone Arduino then probably a driver issue (google CH340) ?
Bad USB cable ?
USB 3.0 port being used (some work some dont) ?
Drivers for your computer hardware itself not installed ?
USB hub that does not have its own power supply ?

Dont try to modify port 3 into port 1 you may end up with other problems !

I didn't know copies are using another driver.
It work fine so far.