I can't upload something or check

hello guys,

I have installed the arduino program and did everything as it was said but I keep getting something really strange when I try to upload or verify a sketch because of this error.
I have attached a screenshot.

please help me


P.S. I use windows 7 home premium (I thought 32-bits but it can be 64 thoug) and and arduino uno.

I don't see an error message in that screen capture. You should be able to select text in your Arduino window and copy and paste it into a forum posting.

The Arduino IDE is a Java program. Perhaps you should check for a Java update.

I have put another screenshot showing the error :zipper_mouth_face:

I have put another screenshot showing the error :zipper_mouth_face:

“Error compiling”

Sounds like something didn’t get installed properly. I’d uninstall the Arduino software and download a fresh copy.

thx I have redownloaded it and now it's working

now I can continue working for my ledcube