i did burn my very first arduino

i actually had dumped many pograms from last 15 days i got my new & very first arduino but, just today when i connected again & started to dump a new program it showed hardware not found!! then i realised that chip written FTDI (not the atmega328 ) got very hot within seconds after connecting it to my pc. And necessarily that is why arduino is not connecting to my pc. Let me tell you that the arduino is executing the last dumped program So i really want to figure out what's the problem before i get new board & burn it again. Do you'll really think is it my mistake as the chip(atmega 328) is working because previous program is executing but, not dumping so is it because of my fault that chip is not dumping?

Which Arduino do you have?

Did you connect anything to the 3.3V on arduino and which arduino? My students burned out a few FTDI chips because the older arduino has 3.3V coming from FTDI and they were sloppy enough to have connected something meant for 5V to the next pin, 3.3V. I student-proofed the rest of the boards by installing a blocker on that pin.

Did you connect anything to the 3.3V on arduino and which arduino?

yes i did connect a mpu 6050 @ 3.3v as per this connections : http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-1uDb5KwCoSw/UzCBXc1e4TI/AAAAAAAAAk8/jyXPX5uIwdQ/s1600/GY521-MPU6050.png
& i use arduino dumelevino.
But i did lot many programs connecting my mpu the same way there was no problem.

i had atmega 8-8l board which i was using before getting arduino i will attach the user manual below again.
i had problem with L293DNE motor driver ic did not work after trying rotating motors a lot on arduino.
So in that user manual one can see that the devlopment board has L293DNE IC (on page 5) & connections of those ic information is given on page 9.
Using this information i removed atmega8-8l ic (it’s as if now i used that board only for l293dne ic) & as per connections mentioned by them i connected 4 digital pins of arduino (say 8,9,10,11) to the board (for driver ic) . I powered the driver board with correct supply. And arduino was powered by my pc & later shorted both the grounds(i.e ground of arduino & motor supply) & also programed the arduino to rotate the motors. The motors rotated & absolutely no problem i dumped various other programs the same way but, no problem.
I do not know what happened & all of a sudden that arduino is not dumping any programs now!!!..

User Manual_Mother Board_118010.pdf (769 KB)

CrossRoads: Which Arduino do you have?



CrossRoads: Which Arduino do you have?


translated to ; 2 mil wines ?

could not google that and find an arduino.

here is the link http://www.robosoftsystems.co.in/roboshop/index.php/arduino/arduino-duemilanove-dip.html

Any way i got a new one but what all care i have to take so as to keep my FTDI chip safe??

The Duemilanove doesn't have 3.3V regulator and 3.3V directly comes from FTDI chip, which is very weak. You could have stressed it out by powering another chip with it over time or just misconnected and blew it out. If you want this board and replace FTDI chip, then get a separate 3.3V regulator to power 3.3V chips. Maybe get an UNO R3 with the 3.3V regulator on board.