I dont know how to connect my new audio sensor?

Hy everyone, I am new uusing this robot models of Arduino. Recently I bougth an arduino Uno and an audio sensor, but I dont ñnow how to connected. Pease I really need help to connect my audio sensor in mine ARDUINO UNO
In this link you can see the image of the sensor that i am trying to connect: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41Q1IaFRa0L.SX425.jpg
I also dont know if it is digital or analog.

How are the pins labeld? Most probably one is for Gnd, one for Vcc and the remaining (middle?) one for the (analog?) signal.

If you do not only want to have a module, but also want to use it, then get its datatasheet before spending time and money.

Looking at the picture, I would guess that the sensor is a digital output with the potentiometer setting the trigger level.