I don't know how to set up wolfssl on arduino


I want to use wolfssl in Arduino

Here’s what I found:

  1. Run wolfssl-arduino.sh in wolfssl / IDE / ARDUINO

  2. Copy the wolfssl folder to the libraries of the folder where arduino is installed

  3. Run the arduino sketch and add the wolfssl library

I then run wolfssl / IDE / ARDUINO / sketches / wolfssl_client / wolfssl_client.ino and compiled

However, there is an error in bio.c that #include <sys / uio.h> can not be found

Please tell us how to add uio.h

My development environment is as follows

OS: Windows 10 64bit

Arduino sketche: arduino-1.6.13-windows

We would be grateful if you could provide details on how to apply wolfssl to arduino in a Windows environment

or please explain how to find sys/uio.h

Thank you for your help

Here's what I found:

Where? I would expect all the details would be there.