i don't know what happened...

i haven't been able to think of a single arduino project to work on :o all i can think about is practicing drums. i feel a little ashamed, admitting this, but i think i fell off the arduino wagon.

I think part of it too, is that i had to rearrange my workshop to make room for the drum kit. now i have no room to work. i have hopes that i will be able to clean up my work space a little this weekend. i still need to get a parts bin rack to organize my various parts. but they have been out of stock for quite some time. at least if i could find my desk, then i wouldn't have so many false-starts with my ideas. i have a 12 foot desk, and i have only a 12" by 20" bare space on it. to many various parts have invaded.

I haven't even really started building my server rack yet., and my circle of train track seems to have a 8-channel audio mixer in the middle of it. not really an issue by itself, but the wires leading to it may be in the way of the train.

I think part of it too, is after works i am too tired to work on my projects, and on the weekends, there are so many necessary household projects, that the projects i really want to work on kind of fall through the cracks. I have taken to waking up several hours early, so i can have time to bang away on my drums for a while. kind of makes the afternoons useless though, as i get tired earlier, and end up going to bed right after supper.

A quick look at the contributions chart on my GitHub shows a large empty space for a month or more.

if it wasn't for the lack of income, i would quit my job to have more time. but i think the bill collectors may complain a bit. ;)


Well, I'm pretty sure I'm making an enclosed tesla coil nixie clock for my next project... nice Nixie tubes are expensive though and I wasn't overly impressed with the elcheepo etched acrylic option...

Travis, I was looking at a rifle and saw this short review on the web page. Is this you? https://www.gunwerks.com/store/rifles/magnus#34-43-67-25-62-52-64-55-156-126-c2-t0-a0-r0