I don't like what they've done. Not at all

The look wastes space.

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Don’t recognize you at all, what happened ?

I am in the new forum. Don’t like it at all.

Well, there are quite a few people that like you being here !

Wow it looks so different. It’s hard to read: hopefully I get used to it.

But hey, at least they have a 2010 relic in the form of achievements

I agree, I can zoom to fill the screen, but its a pain.

Other aspects are good, a bit like faceybook, but its a steep learning curve.
I’ve never used markdown much, but I have a cheat sheet now to look at, in case I forget.

Now where did I put that sheet… … :roll_eyes:

Tom… :grinning: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

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Cheat sheets can be found on an adulterer’s bed. :crazy_face:


I hate facebook.

With so much markup being allowed and 3 version (HTML, BBCode and Markup) it would be great it the editor had a lot of these functions built in so one does not have to look at a cheat sheet or an idiots guide on the internet in another window on how to enter anything. I not even sure which button to use for code blocks as there now seems to be many ways…

< / > still does the job

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Just type out the word code, like before. Or use the </> symbol on the menu.

type or paste code here

The easy way. Auto format your code in the IDE, select all of it, use Copy for forum in the IDE and paste it here and the IDE will add the code tags automatically

byte x = 2;
void setup(){
  pinMode (x, INPUT_PULLUP);
void loop(){
  digitalWrite (x, HIGH);

Look at that, it works! I find it just as easy to type out code & /code, especially as I fix a lot of other posts doing that.

You don’t even have to select all of it. If nothing is selected, the IDE will copy it all (and add code tags).

Has Copy for forum finally changed to something useful?
All this time I have selected all or a block and used copy.

If you use the IDE.

If talking about the IDE, you’re not the only one :slight_smile: Never use ‘copy for forum’ till the new forum was introduced.

I know, but I have seen instances of only a part of a sketch being posted, possibly because only part of it was selected in the IDE by mistake and wanted to ensure that all of it was copied without making the instructions too cumbersome

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