I dont see my arduino micro


I have just connected my arduino micro and the drivers installation started automatically. It work for a few minutes, I uploaded a sketch and then it dissapeared from devide manager and also from the arduino IDE.

The "on" light is on, and when I press "reset" for a couple of seconds I can see in device manager an "Arduino micro bootloader" in the list. after that, this entry dissapears and I still cannot see the board in device manager or the IDE.

What could be happening?

First, under view in device manager, check show unused devices, see if it's there. If it is, remove it. Restart your computer, restart the ide, plug in the micro and try again. Don't forget to skip looking for updated software on line. It won't find any and it takes forever.

Nope, it is not under unused devices. There are no unused devices at all…