I Don't workign NEW MIDIUSB Library

Hello friends,

I'm trying to understand how Arduino's new MIDIUSB library works!

But I can not program ANYTHING!

I am trying to write a code to turn on only 1 potentiometer.
With this new library the Arduino Micro Pro or any other arduino that has the Atmega32U4 Chip can be recognized as a native USBMIDI interface in the computer.

But I can not write the MIDI code so that 1 single 10K potentiometer works!

Could someone help me by writing a simple code of this so I understand how it actually works?

Does the library come with any examples ?

Potentiometers always work. A simple wiper giving a variable resistance, it needs no code to do its job. Your code may not be reading it properly or reacting to it properly. But the pot does work. Now if you could explain what you actually want that pot to do and post the code you have and explain what it does that is wrong someone may be able to help you. But as of right now all you've done is complain so all I can do is commiserate.

There are 3 MIDIUSB examples in the IDE. Do they all work? MIDIWrite is probably nearest to what you want and adding a potentiometer to that shouldn't be too difficult. Give it a try.

Of course you will need to know what MIDI commands to send from your potentiometer. What is at the other end of the USB that you're trying to control?


But I can not write the MIDI code so that 1 single 10K potentiometer works!

So post what you have written so far and we will see if we can spot where you are going wrong.
Also can you supply a link to the midi libiary you are using.