i eed a good robotics kit, please recommend

Hello, I am looking to automate the finger touching on an iPhone or Android phone to enter the pin. What would be a good robotics kit to start with that will achieve this task?

Do you want it to look like a finger? That's more complex. An X-Y mechanism like a 3D printer would be pretty easy. Or maybe two servos with a parallelogram mechanism.

Definitely use a servo for the 'push' action.

Thanks for your kind reply and suggestion. (Apple discussions, not so much). Anyway, I don't really care how it looks as long as it functions like a finger on a touchscreen. :-)

Looks like this is the answer :-) https://store-usa.arduino.cc/products/3dp0002?utm_source=redirects&utm_medium=store.arduino.cc&utm_campaign=303_Redirects

Are you trying to brute force a pin? 3 hobby servos did the trick here.


that is exactly the proof of concept I wanted to perform! Nice. Thanks for the link. Is it possible to do with the Arduino official 3D printer if I buy it?