I found this display inside a blue tooth wifi radio but I cant identify it...

I found this pretty cool dot matrix (white/blue) display in a wifi radio I found a good will. The problem is that the serial number does display any results on google and I dont know if the pin outs on this pcb are correct. There are more info on the picture under attachments

Could somone please help me identify it. There are no micro chips on it or built in ones







I think you need to comprehend what the term “proprietary” means.

so I guess I wont be able to use it then?

You would have more luck hacking the complete device as it stands.

In fact, this is a general principle for consumer devices. All the interfaces are essentially proprietary; the manufacturer is producing millions of devices so has most of the parts (and especially displays) custom made to most efficiently suit their particular requirements.

If you can figure out how to access the flash ROM codes of the embedded microcontroller and reverse engineer them, you may have some chance of re-purposing it, otherwise it is just junk.

o ok, ill look into it. When it powers one through the main device it almost looks like the same dot display as the other one that I was able to get working with the arduino. But as you mention it will be hard to get this working since there are no micro-controllers built in to operate it. If I can figure it out and get it to work ill post the results.

Thanks Paul for trying to help :)