I fried my (most likely be counterfeit) Mega 2560 ;_;

It was like a week or two ago. I plugged the plug for something (I don't quite know what it is lel) into my Mega 2560 then it had smokes. I think the voltage regulator is fried, But I don't really mind since I'm sure It was a counterfeit. Can I fix it? :-\

At first, I didn't think It was fried, since I pulled the plug out almost instantly. but I found It was fried just today. What should I do?

Most likely your voltage regulator was killed.

ince I pulled the plug out almost instantly

Think: electrons are very very fast …

Do you remember the spot where the smoke had its chimney?

That’s most likely the voltage regulator, but depending on the cause of the failure it could be something else, so before guessing around:
Can you post a sharp picture of the suspect location?

As You see, There is a little "Pop" on the voltage regulator.

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There is a little "Pop" on the voltage regulator

This indicates that it died.

If you are able to solder you can find a replacement and change the items.
I found a small video where it is shown how to replace a fried voltage regulator on a Mega.
Here it is: How to fix a broken Mega