I got 3 free accel. but can I use them

Does any know if there is code that can be modified to use LIS3LV02DL 3 axis accerometer. If so where can it be found.

This could be helpful information for you. It allows an Nintendo Wii Nun chuck to to interface with the arduino. Giving you the use of its accelerometer, joystick and 2 buttons. http://www.windmeadow.com/node/42

Here is another one where the nunchuck is used to control a couple of servos. http://hackaday.com/2009/03/30/arduino-wii-nunchuck-servos/

It looks like you can talk to the chip using either SPI or I2C, both of which have existing code for arduino. Your biggest problem is likely to be that the accelerometer is a 3.3V part, while the arduino is (nominally) 5V...

I know the Arduino I have also has a pin for 3.3 V out...(Duemilanove)

Could that be used in this case?

VERY low current is available on the 3.3V source. Check the FTDI chip against the Accelerometers requirements to be sure.

(the accelerometers are VERY low current (I was impressed!), so they're easily powered by the 3.3V available on (some) Arduinos. However, the IO pins that the Arduino talks to will also have to be moved to 3.3V for the outputs from the Arduino, and perhaps boosted to 5V on the inputs...)