I got a problem w/ isd1932 breakout

I’m using Sparkfun’s isd1932 voice record breakout.
I connect breakout to the arduino mini like the example of data sheet and make a button to give signal
(i’m using direct mode)
and i can’t record anything.
when I press the button, it can print “Record!” but breakout doesn’t work.
What can be a problem?

//define pin#
int M = {7, 8, 9}; // Messege pin
int FMC = {12, 11, 13}; // control # of messege
int rButton=2; // record
int pButton=5; // play
int rVal=0; //value of recording button
int pVal=0; //value of play button
int RePlay = 10; // RE/Play signal pin
int FT=6; // floating

int pinCount = 3;
int Mstate[3]; // messege access
int RecNum=0; // Recording stack

void setup(){
for(int i=0;i<pinCount;i++){
_ pinMode(FMC*,OUTPUT);_
_ Mstate=HIGH;
pinMode(rButton, INPUT);
pinMode(pButton, INPUT);
pinMode(RePlay, OUTPUT);
pinMode(FT, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(FT, HIGH);
digitalWrite(FMC[0], LOW);
digitalWrite(FMC[1], HIGH);
digitalWrite(FMC[2], LOW); // # of messege setup*

* digitalWrite(RePlay, HIGH); // basic : play mode*
void loop(){
* rVal=digitalRead(rButton);
if(rVal == HIGH) {
digitalWrite(RePlay, LOW);
pulseIn(M[0], Mstate[0], 1500);

* for(int Rec=0; RecNum<3; Rec++){
pulseIn(RePlay, LOW); // Recording activate*

* M[1]state=LOW;
pulseIn(M[Rec], Mstate[Rec]); // give the siganl to record*

* break;

* }
if(pVal == HIGH) {
digitalWrite(RePlay, HIGH);
pulseIn(M[0], Mstate[0], 1500);
BOB-09579-ISD1900.pdf (491 KB)*_

Hi, I'm just about to start working with the ISD1932 but I am having trouble connecting it to the Arduino Uno. I'm not sure how to connect it correctly. Would you be willing to help? I might be able to help with your problem when I reach the same stage.

Basically a photo of how they should be connected would be perfect.