I guess my arduino mega 2560 is fried, please take a look at this.

Hi, yesterday I installed arduino mega 2560 + Ramps 1.4, and I plugged my power supply into the outlet and then suddenly pop noise came out and smelled like something burnt.. and then anyway I tried to upload configurations with Marlin, but it said the board was not connected. I think my laptop can't recognize the board.

I wonder if it's really fried, or it's because of something else. The board image link is below.

as you can see, number 1 got a small hole on it, and number 2 has been separated(one of the two legs of the chip) from the board.

I think I should buy a new arduino mega 2560 but without knowing what caused this problem, same thing will happen. How do I know what caused this problem?

And I wonder if it could be because of the Ramps board? because I soldered some of the cables of stepper motors to extend the length because the cable was too short. Could it cause the problem?

Sorry for too many questions, any advice will be appreciated. thank you.


You neglected to mention what your PSU is in terms of voltage etc.

Most Arduinos will run fine under 10 volts but much more than that and the regulators may have to work overtime to dump all that extra voltage.

Does you ramps board not have a connector for external supply ?
That would be the way forward in future and less stressful on the Mega.

Hi, Ballscrewbob.

Thank you for your reply.

I linked the images of my power supply and Ramps Board. My power supply is 'SMPS 12V 350W'.

Of course the Ramps board has the connector for power. and also link show how I connected power to ramps board.

Please take a look and give me your thought.

any advice will be appreciated. thank you again.

There have been as lot of UNO's fried at 12 volts but it seems MEGA's also might suffer the same issue.

You may want to keep the voltage to your next MEGA under 10 volts.

Good pictures BTW.

eek I used 240V but I unplugged it quickly coz it got rlly hot

And? :o
Does it work?