I hardly know where to begin - Too many questions

I've been reading everything I can find but nothing addresses my questions. I know my situation isn't unique.

I have the Arduino Mega. It is part of the LiquidWare Portable MegaPalm. It came with Pyxis OS (installed) and the Pyxis Studio Compiler. I have verified the FTDI driver is installed and I"m using the correct port and speed.

But so far, I have not been able to get any communications between my PC and my MegaPalm. I have installed the Arduino Sketch tools and they seem to work. But again, I can't download anything.

I have so many questions I'll just throw them out an hopefully someone who's been before me can straighten me out.

  1. I'm not sure the compatibility between the Arduino Sketch tools (programmer) and Pyxis?

  2. Can I have Pyxix on my megapalm and use arduino to program the megapalm? I assume so, since the arduino has libraries for the megapalm devices (i.e. button pad).

  3. When the megapalm boots, all I see is a screen that says EEPROM Finder and a single file called "Settings File". Is that all I should see? There is also zero functionality at this point. Is that normal?

  4. There is a menu for burn bootloader. Is that something I have to do to get communications going?

  5. Also, when I installed the Pyxix compiler and went to look at the installation folder, there was only 1 file that I could see. The executable and a license file. That seems odd, since surely there are libraries, and many other files and folders needed. They are on the USB install drive. Should those just be copied or should they have been installed. I got zero errors during the install.

  6. Is there a bare bones test I can do, to test the communications?

  7. Perhaps it woud be easier if someone could just explain these programming tools and the proper installation and usage: Arduino vs. Studio Compiler

Maybe this can help a little bit?