I hate it when....

It's frustrating when I read a post (usually on my iPad, in bed) and think "huh - I should look into that a bit and reply. Maybe tomorrow, when I'm on a keyboard."

And then, you go and think about the problem. Maybe even write some code.
And you can't find the original post! The Search function doesn't return any results "in the last week" using any of the keywords you remember, and you go through the "likely" topics and can't find anything in the top 6+ pages... Sigh.

Anyway; someone was asking about timing sub-microsecond pulses. I think.
You can do something like this:

int timePulse()
    while (PINB & 1 == 0)
	;  // wait for a high pulse
    if ((PINB & 1) == 0)  // low again?
	return 125;
    if ((PINB & 1) == 0)  //  NOW is low?
	return 250;
    if ((PINB & 1) == 0)  //   how about now?
	return 375;
    if ((PINB & 1) == 0)  //    other things are waiting!
	return 500;
    if ((PINB & 1) == 0)  //      tap tap tap.
	return 625;
    if ((PINB & 1) == 0)  // I've justa about had it!
	return 750;
    if ((PINB & 1) == 0)  //   I really mean it!
	return 875;
    if ((PINB & 1) == 0)  //      Last chance
	return 1000;
    return -1;  // We are SO done...

This compiles (for low-address ports), to a series of SBIS/RJMP pairs that the avr ought to run through at two cycles each, which should give accuracy on the order of 125ns...

It will, of course, require adequate time "between" pulses to to the returns and process the results...

Was it this one

When I want to come back to a post I bookmark it - I have a bookmarks section called Arduino Follow-up

Other times I mark it as UNREAD


The Google search of the Forum seems to be worse than ever lately. It's constantly letting me down when I'm searching for a specific post that I know has a specific keyword that should make it easy to find. It's really a shame because there is a tremendous amount of valuable information here but if it doesn't show up in the search results it might as well not exist. There was an announcement a while back that Arduino was going to implement a native search, but I haven't heard anything more since.

The Google search of the Forum seems to be worse than ever lately.

I think I noticed that also when looking for something a week ago or maybe two. I didn’t take much notice of it at the time. I think I was trying to search for some words as well as my username.

Is this down to a change in the way Google works? (maybe its servers are finally full :slight_smile: )

Or are the Arduino folks hiding things from Google?


I was wondering the same. To Google, it's probably not very important that they get every single thing on the Internet, since most searches have zillions of results and rarely does anyone look much past the first page. Considering how they dominate the field of search engines, they could probably get away with 75% coverage, no problem. But to me, it's essential that my search covers every single post on the forum when I'm looking for a specific post to reference.

I have noticed that a lot of the forum search results on google have this ";wap" on the end of the URL and if you click on the search result it tries to download the file index.php. You actually have to copy the url, without the ";wap" part and paste that into the URL bar. I have never seen a search result like that from any other website so I assume it must be some misconfiguration of the forum software. I wonder if Google decided that those search results are useless and is filtering out any new ones like that the spider encounters?

I tried a few things just now and I could see no shortcoming in the results :slight_smile:


..have this ";wap" on the end of the URL...

"wap" pages are web pages stripped down to suit mobile devices.
Some 15 years ago (i think) this was necessary, as the devices then were better off without all kinds of graphics and pictures on web pages.
Our Dutch "pride" decided to use Japanese Docomo's system called i-mode to do something similar, i don't know what providers from other countries used,but WAP was an alternative as i recall.

Hopelessly outdated by now, so the WAP pages should be omitted, or only be presented to devices asking for it.
For now, you can simply add the argument "-wap" to your Google search to get rid of it (and find the same results but then in standard HTML).

Ah; it was a zombie thread, resurrected with a short message that did not in fact contain any of the keywords I had been searching for. So in this case, perhaps Google was right, all along...

For now, you can simply add the argument "-wap" to your Google search to get rid of it (and find the same results but then in standard HTML).

That doesn't work because the wap results are not duplicates. Here's an example. If I do this search:
The top search result (may be different for you if you're signed into Google) is "[WML]Feature request - Arduino Forum"
If I add -wap to the search query:
Then the "Feature request" thread doesn't appear anywhere in the search results.

So if the Arduino Forum is still randomly producing these "wap" pages and the Google spider is now ignoring new ones, that could cause forum threads to be missing from the index.

I periodically pull an archive of my arduino posts, and I rather like the wap format as being less cluttered with stuff.

Hi pert.

You entered -"wap", where i put "-wap" in my post to quote (so in quotation marks) what was to be entered.
I tested it just now, and saw that there is a slight difference between doing:




I'm just guessing that this might the difference, so this is what i would do: Google

For me this has worked for a long time, but i don't know what i might have missed all this time.

I think you're right that my search syntax was incorrect. However, I get the same results either way.

Do you get a result for the "Feature request" forum thread with your search query? I don't.