I have a problem with pins


I have little problem because when I plug cabel to (0-12), the program does not work but if I plug to 13 pin work, I have to buy new arduino or I can fix it ?(I have arduino uno)

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What program would that be ?
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What program? What does the "pin" do? Input or output?


OK. When you moved the cable did you change the code? What is attached these outputs and how are you determining whether it works or not?

When i plug to breadboard and led was shining but with low power and even i type code where power was HIGH its dont change, but script with 13 pin works even with breadboard

For outputs 13 and 8 you are cycling LED power ON for 100ms and OFF for 100ms. That is a duty cycle of 50% which will make the LED half as bright as ON all of the time. Are you using resistors with the LEDs? Please show a wiring diagram.

Actually I am wrong about that. Each LED is only on 25% of the time.

Also you know that pin 13 is the on-board LED right?

I using resistors and I know 13 is the on-board LED

Please post a simple schematic of your project when using pins that work and when using pins that do not work. A photo of a hand drawn circuit is good enough

Thx u guys I fix it and its working again Good Night

Arduino comes with blink loaded, so I suspect OPs code didn’t load so it was always blinking pin 13

Please share with us what was wrong. It may help others in the future. Don't worry if it was something silly, we have all done silly things

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