i have a project that

using a attiny85 using something like v-usb

i am looking to build a usb device that acts like a macro keyboard and mouse by pressing a button and recording the movements of the mouse and keystrokes of the keyboard and then when that button is done it would need to save the macro in the epprom(internal storage for attiny85) and another button that when pressed activates the macro and emulates the keyboard and mouse exactly as recorded if a plug in play driver doesn't work out of the box with computers maybe implement a small read only storage partition on the device that pops up so you can install the driver if the attiny85 doesn't have enough power then another micro processor can be substituted this project is in design stage and any contributes are welcome to code and test with me credit will be made to those who help

i would need it to be able to be programmed and replayed

Was there a question in there?

VUSB (and in fact most small microcontrollers with hardware USB support) is not capable of talking to a USB keyboard or mouse, only to a host computer (in USB, the host does a lot of the work.) You might get it to work with PS/2 keyboard and mouse, but I think that then the tiny85 would have a pin shortage.